About Us

Volatile Pictures is an award winning independent production company based in Kent, England.

Our Origins

Volatile Pictures was originally founded in 2014 by a small group of practitioners as a theatre company under a different name.

In 2016 one of those founding members, James Sibley, gained full control over the company and immediately began to turn us into the independent film company we are known as today. Shortly afterwards James invited the talented Sam Creamer on board to help run the company with him and complete the transformation.

Our founding principle is to celebrate and capture the volatility of life in our films to create challenging yet entertaining works. With a Volatile Pictures production you should always expect the unexpected as predictable is not in our DNA; we believe art is a reflection of life and should therefore endeavour to be just as unpredictable!

When looking for collaborators, we pride ourselves on seeking out cast and crew who enjoy breaking the mould and are open minded to our mantra – being Creatively Volatile.

Our Founders

The original founding member, James is an experienced filmmaker who has worked in a range of crew positions on both film and theatre productions. James’ latest works include Sir Johnathan, Venerable and the award winning Camomile.

James Sibley

Sam is an award winning cinematographer and co-founder of Volatile Pictures. As a fully accredited member of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals, he brings his experience in production from a variety of content both in short form and feature drama.

Sam Creamer
Co-Founder / Director of Photography
About Me

Theresa Jordan

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